GTM Strategy

Broad Outline:

  • Segmenting and targeting the menstrual hygiene market based on demographic and psychographic factors
  • Defined the ‘Sirona’ brand positioning, and channels to achieve distribution in Ghaziabad
  • Market sensing to understand the physical and psychological barriers in the adoption of Cups
  • Mapped motivations, pain points and aspirations of target customers through customer journey mapping
  • Outlined the core customer value proposition, and inbound marketing strategy for Sirona Menstrual Cups
  • Designed creative solutions to instigate trials and increase adoption rate amongst young women

Bisleri India

Sales and Distribution Management

Broad Outline:

  • Examined the distribution network and its sales force structure for B2C Channels
  • Studied the Sales Organization, Recruitment and Training of Sales personnel, Territory Allocation, Reporting Structure, Sales Force Evaluation and Channel Management practices of Bisleri
  • Reached Network Understanding and crafted solutions to attain retail sales growth for Bisleri
  • Created a shopper engagement funnel to identify sales growth opportunities

CMO of Bisleri

Incredible India

Creative Brand Management

Broad Outline:

360 degree communication campaign Acquired an insightful understanding of the domestic traveller immediately post COVID-19
Created a base brand idea from the confluence of category, brand and cultural truths Curated 4 powerful creative campaign ideas to drive communication and grow sales